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Even now, I can see the light in your eyes...
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Saturday, March 3rd, 2007
10:44 am
Okay, several people seem to be under the impression that I don't know you stalk my journal o_O

I know you do. Hiya. Because I can think of at least one person who would look for my LJ name specifically, and you found it. Yay.

And there's been at least one who found my account months ago, but I'm not sure who o_O


Yay ^_^

Incase no one saw the caps lock text the first time, THIS LJ ACCOUNT IS BEING DELETED. In three days. You can find me at 1sky_1destiny, my new one o_O Comment to be added, it's gonne be friends only.

Because, quite frankly, the emo act is dull as shit and exhausting and if I have any angsty thoughts, I'm just gonna keep 'em to my own damn self. No one else needs to know how pathetic I am.

:D Anyway, three days. Go on over there to be added, and in 33 days, I can switch the e-mail address to my current one so I don't have to chase my comments all over Yahoo @_@

Pwee, gotta get my icons, my memories, my friends... it'll be like moving! In an oh-so-annoying way! <3

Ja ne


Current Mood: blank
Friday, March 2nd, 2007
5:32 pm
^_^ Chapter one is almost finished~! I can't wait until it's done! @_@

Ah, haven't written in months. Hope my writing hasn't turned into complete crap since I've stopped...

I'll post the link late ron if it gets posted on FictionPress tonight ^_^

...a few more pages.... gr...

*falls asleep*

Current Mood: bouncy
Monday, February 26th, 2007
3:52 pm
Wasn't as bad as I expected it to be. I'll get over it just like I get over everything else.

I have a plan for the rest of the day. Tomorrow I have a 8-page midterm for accounting and eight chapters to study. I'll study one chapter, write two pages for my new chapter, then study a chapter, then write two pages, and keep on going until someone drags me to bed.

I haven't eaten yet today, so I want my mom to get home and make some dinner. I tried eating some cornflakes but I just couldn't swallow them. I kept on chokcing. Ever get that burning pressure in your throat when you can't swallow? That's what I have.

So, on to studying. Huzzah.

Current Mood: busy
8:07 am
I once wrote that February 26th (today) was either going to be very very bad or very very good. I wasn't lying. Although now it's going to be very very bad o_O

Why the fuck am I stressing over a guy there's no chance I'll stay with forever? o_O Really. It's stupid. I know it's stupid. But I can't make my mind believe it.

Anyway, he says he's gonna ask a girl out that he has a crush on today. Then maybe I'll get over him. Yeah, I will. Most definetely. Probably. Hopefully.

...I have to go to school in ten minutes @_@ Rah two-hour delays!

Current Mood: heart broken
Sunday, February 25th, 2007
5:36 pm
Three hours later and all I have is a page done @_@ Grr....

It's cold outside ._. And I still miss him....

I sound like an idiot again now. How sad.

....s' cold.

Current Mood: lethargic
3:37 pm
I am on PMS and crave attention @_@ And chocolate. And since I have neither, I'm going to take it out on all of you.

Bwa ha ha?

The Seventh Angel needs a new title so badly... I didn't feel creative at the time of coming up with a name, so now I'm lost. I think I'll copy a certain someone and go Latin. If she doesn't kill me.... problem is I don't know any Latin @_@ It's a freaking dead language!

But I'm writing the first chapter of it now. I strive for fourteen pages! I don't want the first chapter to be colassol, just small enough to actually, perhaps, keep someone's attention! Yay!

Say it with me everyone! Yay!


Current Mood: creative
Saturday, February 24th, 2007
11:07 pm

I can die happy now :D


(this entry had no point)

Current Mood: jubilant
9:41 pm
Because lately people have been making me feel like even more of a disgusting piece of filth than I already am, I've decided to do something Dr. Nancy (my old therapist) had me do. Compile a lost of all the things that I like about myself and think I'm good at. The list was depressingly small, but I was trying hard not to sound like I had a huge ego. Now I'm going to do what Kirby told me to do---throw modesty out the window. So here we go.

1) Sometimes I like the way I look. My hair is long and has cool bangs, and is reddish-brown and looks pretty in the sunlight. And my eyes are kind of nice too.

2) I'm fairly smart. I get good grades in school and pick up on things rather quickly. If I seem slow, I'm really just acting it. I'm not the simple-minded idiot that I make myself seem to be.

3) Here's a big one... I like my writing. There. I said it. I LIKE my writing. Someitmes I even think it's good. Do I think it's great? No. But I like it because that's the way I write, and I think it's unique to my tastes. So... I like it.

4) I've made a few good friends (although some now hate/ignore me). That's something to like, right?

5) I function well on little to no sleep. This comes in handy on (many) nights when insomnia strikes.

6) There are times when I look on the bright side. These are the times when I have no choice but to look there, but it's still something. At these times I'm very optimistic.

7) I think I'm a nice person in general. I put other people's wants and needs before mine and I don't want to bother anyone. I just want to help.

I think that's it... I can't really think of anything else. I'm sorry if I disappinted you, Kirby. I draw a blank after this.

Current Mood: guilty
7:24 pm
Fuck it. I'm tired. For once, I don't want to wait at the convenience of others. I don't need a beta reader; I'm an english major, I can edit myself, right? Right.... yeah. That and no one wanted to do it. Go me and my pathetic writing!

Prologue: http://www.fictionpress.com/s/2324902/1/

If you read, enjoy! If not, then that's okay too.

....*goes off to her little corner*

Current Mood: creative
2:42 pm
*twitches* I'm done the prologue for my new story, and I don't want to even TOUCH the first chapter before some one gives me an, "Okay, it's not complete crap," and edits it. No one seems to want to, though.


Current Mood: annoyed
Friday, February 16th, 2007
10:19 pm
I will be wearing my hair down from now on, there are penguins on my pajamas, he thinks I'm cute, and February 26th is either going to kill me a bit inside or be the day I've been waiting for for years.

I refuse to explain myself.

Current Mood: enthralled
Thursday, February 15th, 2007
8:50 pm
Don't Let Mary SeeCollapse )

So should I just quit writing?

Current Mood: anxious
6:29 pm
Haley Joel Osmont was sent to the hospital with several broken ribs from a car accident. That he caused. From drinking and driving.

Someone point out the irony for the oblivious who don't get it.

PS: R.I.P. Maxwell. He will be missed.
Wednesday, February 14th, 2007
9:03 am
Screw roses and chocolates. I've got a SNOW DAY!

PWEE! *plops in snow and rolls around* :3

Current Mood: chipper
Tuesday, February 13th, 2007
7:59 pm
Why... why is the LJ background pink!? *rips out hair*

I hate Valentine's Day. Gah.

Current Mood: cold
Saturday, February 10th, 2007
9:38 pm
DisorderYour Score
Major Depression:Extremely High
Bipolar Disorder:High
Seasonal Affective Disorder:High-Moderate
Postpartum Depression:N/A
Take the Depression Test


Like my new icon? :D
6:43 pm
Have you ever gotten so worked up, so upset, so worried that you became physically ill? Not pleasant, is it?

What, you haven't? Well fuck you.

Current Mood: sick
Friday, February 9th, 2007
7:02 pm
I was listening to Stone Sour's Bother and reading DC's dark one-shot.

Then I wanted to write something angsty myself.

Then I realized everyone would call me emo again.

Then I realized... that I didn't care :D

Current Mood: creative
Thursday, February 8th, 2007
4:33 pm
Do I really have a depressing lack of self-confidence?

Current Mood: artistic
Wednesday, January 31st, 2007
10:20 pm
I'm sick. I'm really sick and I'm gonna make some tea and go to bed to try and sleep it off. The last thing I need is to catch some sickness while my mom's away. Because mom's know @_@ Somehow, they always, always know.

EDIT: My right calf is starting to cramp up. Need potassium, but we don't have anything potassium enriched in the house... tonight will not be a pleasant night.

Current Mood: sick
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